This is to update “readers” on my status.   I still am alive, although I have not posted a blog post since February 14, 2022.

Due to unforeseen events that have occurred in my family and personal life that I can not elaborate in detail at this time, I continue to “suspend” my activities on WordPress.   I look forward to the time when I can go back to blogging on a regular basis.

I would like to say that I “appreciate all your support.”  I would like to say that, but in truth, there are only a small reminent of readers that actually take the time to read my posts.  I appreciate all your support snd interest in my writings, thoughts, and opinions.

One day I will go back to blogging on a regular basis.   Until then let me bid you “adou” and I will one day resume my “blogging/writing” for all to enjoy.  I’ll reassure you that there is no “secret vault” of “unpublished manuscripts ” that are ready to be “handed to the publisher” for the public’s perusal.   If that was the case, I would be in a different place, and different position, more comfortable and prosperous than I am now.

Blog Indefinitely Suspended {Day CLIII}

This is the first blog entry that I have written in a fortnight. And with a heavy heart, I am announcing that I, for reasons not related to the content, themes, subjects, ideas, ideology, politics, or anything that I have written in my blog, for personal reasons, am indefinitely suspending my blog for now.

While I do not want to go into depth or detail of the reasons why I am suspending my blog, I want to assure you that I will be back, blogging into the future on a wide array of subjects. I enjoy writing and blogging. I appreciate everyone who has read my blog entries. I will also continue to read other writers’ blog posts, which I think is essential to anyone writing blog posts on their own.

Thank you so much for reading my posts. My writing career has just begun. I’m having a blast writing these posts. Cheers❗

History and Law {Day CLII}

I have never been to law school.  Therefore I am not a laywer.  Do I “prentend” to be one?  Well, not exactly.  But allow me to be a “law professor” of a certain kind, at least in this little blog of mine.

The vacancy of Supreme Court justice Stephen Gerald Breyer has inpired me to opine about the American law, and the role of the courts.  So in the month of March I will, if other news events do not preempt it, a little primer on American law.

While I am markedly not a lawer, I was, am in many was still am an “American History Major.”  The month of February is marked as “Black History Month.”  So during the month of March I will profile various African Americans who made a mark in the culture, history of the United States of America such as Sojourner Truth, Thurgood Marshall, and Mohammed Ali.

US Supreme Court {Day CLI}

The United States Supreme Court is has been called “the Highest Court in the United States.” This is because the court can make decisions that are called “Landmark Decisions,” that can influence policies, set guidelines, or set laws in place for years to come. Yet the Supreme Court is not a “law making body.”  Laws are made by legislatures, such as the United States Congress or state legislatures.

Legislatures write laws, but courts can interpret what laws judges may deem “unconstitutional,” or may present a “undue burden” to certain constituencies in the community.

The example of the landmark case “Roe vs Wade” is one of the most cited cases in US History on both sides of the argument about the question of when life begins, or who has the right to decide whether to terminate a pregnancy, or whether this not a right at all. This question may never be settled.

Justice Breyer Stepping Down {Day CL}

Associate United States Supreme Court Stephen Gerald Breyer, who has been a US Supreme Court justice for twenty two years is retiring from the United States Supreme Court, the nation’s highest court. Justice Breyer who is part Supreme Court’s “liberal wing,” has written decisions regarding a number of issues on such topics as providing access to abortion, striking down questions concerning citizenship the United States Census surveys, and United States Copyright law, and supporting the Affordable Care Act. Justice Breyer also dissented on a number of decisions that was decided by a court that became markedly more conservative as Justice Breyer was aging during his tenure on the court.

Justice Breyer was on track to have a career in government law or jurisprudence as he attended Stanford University and Harvard Law School, and served as an assistant prosecutor in the Watergate investigation and a fact checker for the Warren Commission.

Trump Children “Key Employees” in Trump Org. {Day CXLIX}

Donald Trump is furious that his 40 year old daughter Ivanka, and his two adult sons are being asked to testify in the Southern District of New York’s investigation of the Trump Organization’s undervalution of properties in New York State to avoid paying property taxes. Trump said that the NY attorney general is “vicious,” bringing his adult children into the investigation, and asking his kids to testify or provide answers to questions the grand jury may have regarding the Trump Organization’s accounting schemes.

But Donald Jr., Eric. and Ivanka are not innocent at the Trump Organization.  All three of Trump’s adult children are partners, associates, and board members of the Trump Organization.  All three worked in the Trump Tower conducting business in the Trump Organization.  All had key roles and were decision makers in the Trump Organization when the property values were submitted to the state of New York.

Hopefully the “Trump Saga” Will End {Day CXLVIII}

I sincerely hope for former United States president Donald J. Trump, his family, his supporters, and the United States citizens the saga of Donald J. Trump will come to an end. I really hope that this saga ends not only for the aforementioned constituents, but also for myself, and the few dear readers that I have.

While I never wanted this blog to be a specifically “anti Trump blog,” it has turned out to be one. My main hope is that I can expand the types of things that I write about on this blog. I will find other things to write about as the Trump presidency becomes further and futher in the distance in the “rear view mirror” of American History.

But Trump has no intention of fading into the distance like the sun setting on a February afternoon. So the “saga” will continue to be reported.

Why Trump is different❓ {Day CXLVII}

One of the key differences between former United States president Donald Trump and any other former president is that Trump continues to this day not to concede the election to the apparent winner of the election Joe Biden. This is after over one year since the 2020 United States presidential election occurred, and after one year since the current US president Joe Biden was sworn into office.

Even though he is loath to admit it, Trump was angered by the fact that he lost the election. He refused to attend Mr. Biden’s presidential inauguration on January 20, 2021. This breaks a long standing tradition that the loser of the presidential election from a major party attend the inauguration of the winner, and accept the fact that the loser lost, the winner won, and the country can move on. There are more differences that I will address later.

Why focus on Trump ❓{Day CXLVI}

A curious reader may ask: “Why do you post so many articles on former United States President Donald J. Trump?” This man is the former president, and he is no longer in office. So why don’t you just move on, just like Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and George W. Bush are no longer United States presidents. You don’t write about these former presidents.

All these former presidents are no longer serving. Maybe these former presidents do deserve some attention that they are not getting from the media. But Donald Trump is indeed different than any of the other former presidents that have served. Unlike all the other former presidents, Donald Trump still believes he is the rightful president of the United States, even though it has been over a year since Trump’s successor, Joe Biden was inaugurated as the forty sixth president of the United States.

Trump vs Biden News…{Day CXLV}

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of Joseph Robinette Biden’s presidency. So this weekend I will do a mini summary of Mr. Biden’s first year in office. As such, yesterday also marked the first full year that Donald Trump was out of office, so I will summarize how Mr. Trump spent his first full in “in retirement” from the chief executive of the United States post.

The two presidents could not be much more different in management style and personality. I will discuss the major accomplishments and the set backs of the Biden Administration. I will also take a look at how Mr. Trump sees himself, his followers and the country in the “post Donald presidency.”

Trump of course, is in a deep thicket of legal trouble as he commences his second year out of office. The Trump Organization faces challenging legal and financial headwinds.