So I am going to start this process called blogging. But why? What makes my blog stand out amoung the millions of blogs that are out there in the “blogosphere” today. There are literally millions of bloggers that are “picking up there pens,” or rather “putting down their pens and picking up their smartphones, or typing on their lap tops,” and just blogging away. So first, let me make a few “introductory remarks.”

I graduated from college in 1988, with a bachelor’s degree majoring in political and historical studies. My intention was to be a history major, but the school, Curry College combined the departments of “politics” and “history” into one department. So rather than majoring in strictly “American History,” I had taken a few political science courses as well. I have always contended that politics is more of an art than a science. Sciences like chemistry, physics and biology are disciplines where you can conduct experiments and make hypotheses about the nature of things. The “political realm” is just too fraught with “the human element” to be described as a science. I always considered “politics,” and “history” as “humanities,” rather than a “science.” Even the term “social science” is a stretch, but can be applied in this case. The one thing, amoung other things that I got out of my college experience was the practice of writing. I think I wrote more in my college days at Curry than any other time in my life. Whether I wrote about the limits or possibilities of the Earth’s resources, or the causes of revolutions or wars, or the pains and pleasures of capitalism and communism, writing was a tool that I used to communicate my ideas. And I had a notion that if I failed in other endeavours, I at least could go back to writing “as a fall back” to make some type of living, however meager livings that writers make.

So I am using this medium of a blog to write. Writing my ideas will clarify them, and put them on paper. Or in this case “a screen.” My ideas will be for all the world to see. At least for anyone who has a WordPress account. At least those who have a WordPress account who get a referral to my blog. And then those who have a WordPress account, get a referral to my blog, and click on this blog post to see this entry… Whuooo❗❗❗ Wow❗❗ WordPress must be referring MILLIONS of you unsuspecting readers who have absolutely nothing better to do with your precious time than to read something by me. And I thank you kindly for taking the time to read my blog post.

So I’m doing an “old fashioned blog” the “old fashioned way.” I’m writing a “world-wide web log.” Each entry into the log will be another entry by ME, not by a BOT. (But aren’t we all bots in the universe of sentient beings in traversing the universe ❓) I will insert an occasional picture here or there. But my main aim is to practice my writing and communicate my ideas. Lord knows I am no novelist. That would require actually conguring up chartacters, and weaving a plot together. I am here to practice my writing and put my ideas not on paper, but in cyberspace. And after this is put “on the web ” maybe I’ll put it “on paper” as well. After all, paper lasts a lot longer than data on silicon chips… I think.