As I continue my “blog” I have noticed a few things.  I am being exposed to many other blogs by having WordPress notify me when other readers have “liked” my posts, or are following me.  I appreciate this, as these notifications introduce me to other blogs, and I can read what other people are writing.  My posts are somewhat unique, as I am using this blog platform as a “conversation” of sorts.  Just putting my thoughts on “virtual paper,” and commenting about my blogging journey.  I have noticed certain trends with the posts that are comming up in my “in-box.”

The first type of blog post I have ersnoticed is the “course offering.”  This type of post is a course that you pay for to “maximize” your blogging experience.   Maybe you want to attract five hundred new readers per week.  This amounts to 26,000 new readers per year; 260,000 new readers per decade.  And if you are an industrious blogger then you can also offer a course to gain readers and followers, that you can also offer a paid course as well, offering advice to “momentize” your blog.  Of course, this type of scheme works when other folks pay for the course you offer, and then offer the same course to others who also pay for the course, or workshop, or “virtual conference” all designed to get other bloggers to pay, and it becomes a virtual “endless circle.”  The course promises you will obtain many “followers,” “likes,” or “readers,” and gives you tips on “expanding your influence,” and other coveted things in the blogosphere, or at least in the “WordPress stellar system.”

As a “beginning blogger,” I am not aiming to becoming a “top internet influencer” just yet.  My aim is to improve my writing skills, and to present my ideas to a larger community.  A community that actually reads my posts, rather than acquiring many so-called “friends” or “readers,” without actually having people read my blog.  As far as “monetizing” on my writing handiwork, I’m all for that.  But I also want to improve the craft of writing as well.  I want to improve the way I communicate, and then maybe, possibly, I could expect some type of financial benefit down the road a bit.  Maybe, maybe not.   But I know there are no shortcuts in this world.  And I am happy to “take the long way home” as the seventies rock group Supertramp would say, instead of the “rocket” that Elton John sings about in “Rocket Man.”

The other types of blogs I have noticed are blogs that promote books, movies, records, and other media, and short, snappy “art blogs.”  These blogs contain poetry, prose, or a combination of the two.  These art blogs may contian a photo or image in the post, which puts a more finer point on the flavor of the post. I have always been a more factual, “down to earth” writer.  Calling my type of writing “prose” may be “gilding the lilly” a bit too much…  Oh OK, I guess ya only live once. Call my stuff “prose” if you insist.  I have understood that prose is “any writing other than poetry.”  So I guess anything that you find in the newspaper, or encyclopedia, or in a textbook would disregard as prose too, right?  Prose would also include any interoffice memoranda regarding the dress policy of the office, or the details of the next holiday party. Prose could also include the text of any legal decision, the text of a house or senate bill, insurance policy, or work of fiction such as science fiction book or romance novel, or even a screenplay for a pornographic film. Even reports such as the Mueller Report and the Report of the Warren Commission could also be regarded as “prose.” I dare say that technical writing, such as material data safety sheets, while have some eliments of peotic language, in truth, is more like prose. Prose could also include instructions to assemble a go-cart, or ransom note, or even this very blog post. I think I need to “research” what this “prose” business is all about.

The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language defines prose as “ordinary speech or writing, as opposed to verse.” So I hope you enjoy my writings in prose. I am certainly trying to master the art.