Let me get this clear: I did not “loose” my profile picture. I am searching for a way to select a profile picture. Sonething to tell the world a little bit about you. I have come up an interesting idea. Like so many bloggers have done, let me talk “in pictures.”

This translates as: “Worldwide Web Log.” This is not particularly novel or new. It is not anything orginal as well. I can already hear the peanut gallery in the background, yammering away: “These drawings appear cartoonish, like a child drew them.” Where did you step out of ? A time machine from 1996 ?

Yes, I know this sort of gimmick is something that has probably been tried in the nacient days of the Internet. But I just wanted to do it myself, just to “try it on for size.” Maybe a few of you used a picture of a log for your profile picture at times.

Tell.me what you think. Is it too “old fashioned?” Should I just relagate a picture of me as a profile pic? Or is that just too much of an.”ordinary idea?” Too conventional ? I do want to have a bit of fun while I’m writing my blog. But I don’t want to come across as “too silly.” Or maybe I do…