I am wondering about this blog…  And wondering about life.  This is because throughout the day I think about the next post in my blog.  I have decided to use the WordPress format to “supercede” my Facebook posts.  I have had WordPress replace Facebook. I used Facebook “as a cheap blog space.”   Fact is, most of my posts were “political in nature.”  My blog posts reacted to many things that X-President Donald Trump said and did while in office.  People have so many different reactions to posts critical to the president. While the majority of the feedback that I received was positive, there were some Facebook friends who got angry when they saw some criticism, however constructive it might be.  I have no illusions that the WordPress audience will be any more open minded about the constructive criticism of a sitting president.

While I was a politics and history major, I my interests lie in so much more than the political realm.   The media is over saturated with political pundits who never shy to give opinions one way or another.  Many of the ideas that I have are news driven. So if a head of state in the United States, say the president of the United States does one thing or another, I am bound to comment on what she or he does. And Donald Trump was such an interesting president because he did things so unlike any other president in American history did. But I have other idea topics as well.

For example, I love music, sports, phone games, and I indulge in cigars from time to time. I also like driving to the forest, particularly in the states of NY, MA, and VT and take vidoes of waterfalls. I could write reviews on all these topics, “if the spirit moved me” to write about these things. I do read, but not as much as I probably should. But my lack of reading should, I hope, not effect the quality of my writing. If, in fact, my writing quality does go down maybe I should stop writing, and read more books that I have collected over the years.

I have also pondered on the topic of education. What is “education ” for❓ What is the purpose of education ❓ And, in particular, was I served by my education❓ Or did my education serve as a “disservice”❓ I can talk more about my educational experiences as I continue to write. So this little blog of mine will serve as a writing platform to express myself. Not in a “poetic way”… as tend to write in prose… Not “English Prose,” although I do write in the “English Language.” But more akin to “American Prose,” although I do spell words like “colour,” and “centre” the “British Way” at times… And other times I use the “American Way” to spell these words as well. But I have nothing against poetry… In fact, I enjoy reading it from time to time. Time to “brush up on my Shakespeare.”

I am also interested in other things as well, including the vastness of outer space, and the likelihood that we, as inhabitants of planet Earth are not alone in this seemingly endless universe. I also wonder about such things as how old is planet Earth. Is it 6,000 or 5 billion years old❓ I am also quite a dinosaur geek as well.

So I write this blog to hone my writing skills, and comment on things going on in the world and in my life. That’s the least I can do to honor the legacy of a fairly well educated homosapien.