I have not posted an entry in a while.  So I need to get back into the “habit” of posting more “regularly.”  Posting equals WRITING.  This has bern a pattern for me.  I would have a “burst of inspiration” for a moderate amount of time…  And then, I would be distracted, and I would be pulled away by other things.  So yes, I do get distracted by other things.  I do have a life.

Right now, I’m just “blogging for fun, in my spare time.”  It is something that I am doing in my spare time.  It is not a business…  Not just for now, but maybe, quite possibly this might take on a life so that I could make some profits.  Real income.  Real “dinero.”  But right now, this is just an exercise to help me get writing.  Something.   ANYTHING on the screen.  It is my theory that the more one writes, the better one becomes at it.  Sort of like working out with weights:  The more “weight bearing exercises” you perform, the stronger you get.  And that’s the idea with writing, cooking, playing a sport, speaking a foreign language, mathematics, or public speaking.   The more experience you get, the better you become at it, and the more adept you  will become at the art and science of writing.  At least that’s my idea for now.

As a student of politics, I have a keen interest in the political arts.  And I find myself thinking about what is happening in the world of public affairs.  Even though Donald Trump may be out of office, he still looms as a “public figure” in the Republican Party.  I have plenty to say about this person, and will use my blog for this purpose.   For nor, I wish to “accentuate the positive.”  This means giving thanks to all the gifts that we are blessed, and that includes a president who genuinely cares about the health, safety, and welfare of the American people.  A president  who  has a strong work ethic, and can articulate the importance of a free democratic state.  A president who gives us hope.  Hope of a better tomarrow, and upholding our democratic traditions as well. A chief executive who respects all people, wether he agrees or disagrees with them. I say this knowing that many of my readers hail from many different parts of the globe.   Most of my readers do not reside in the United States at all.  So who would be better than readers in other countries, who happen to be able to read in English to comment on the comments that I give in this blog.  And I am grateful to all the readers of this blog. 

I have just learned that Mr Trump, after a month in the “blogging business” is ending his blog. This gives me more ideas to respond to the fact that President Trump (and we continue to address former presidents of the United States “President” long after they have left office) has ended his blog; urging President Trump to continue the endeavor, and not give up so quickly. If I gave up on this blog just after a month or two, I wouldn’t be where I am now… Well, Mr. Trump STILL had more readers every day than I have on my busiest most widely read day. But I’m not giving up…Not for a long shot…

This blog entry is hopefully to get myself “back on track.”  I intend to get back into the habit of not just to post, but to WRITE!  Write and as I write, I will discover more about myself and the world each and every day.  I am happy to take on the challenge that I face.