I’m using WordPress as a platform because, you lost the presidency, so I can not email you to the White House website.  So your “presidential” email account was removed.  If I tried to email the White House, Joe Biden would recieve my email.  And even though I ❤ Joe, and there are many things that I want to ask and tell Joe, I really want to speak to you first.  Can I ❤ Joe and “The Donald” at the same time❓  Can two things be essentially correct at the same time❓  I recall you telling your supporters that you wished to “Lock Joe Up,” just as you wanted to lock Hillary and Barack up as well.  Is this type of conduct, asking to “lock up” political opponents “conduct becoming of a United States President❓”  I should hope you know better Mister President.   With that said, I certainly am a great admirer of you sir.  And I am so happy you tried to give blogging a go.  I am proud of you my dear sir.

YES YOU❗  You see, you did have a very nice blog going.  Yes ya did.  Very nice.  But, as soon as you started it, and even before I had a chance to comment on it, and LIKE your blog: POOOF❗  Like a puff of smoke…  You ended it.  It’s gone.  Like the foggy haze that lifts when the clock strikes twelve on an early June day in our nation’s iconic capitol.  Like the shadows on the beaches of Mara Largo on a cool summer evening as the sun sets….  And then it’s gone…  Drifted away, like driftwood in the Sargasso Sea.  But like driftwood, blogs do have a tendency to come back.  And back it may soon appear.   In another way, shape, or form.

Mr. Donald, I wish I could have given you some kind words of encourage- ment to help you on your way to continue your blogging journey.  It is a journey, to be sure.  Because you see,  the art of writing is an EXPRESSIVE ART.  And the more you write, the more you express yourself, the more you discover about yourself in the process.  And Mr. Trump, I dare say, it’s all about the process… I want to thank you for being bold enough to try your hand at blogging for the first time in your life.  And I want to have a conversation about THE BLOG.  Or more to the point: about the WRITING PROCESS in particular.   The more you express yourself, the more your write, and put “pen to paper,” or in this case “finger to computer screen,”  the more you will continue the process of self discovery, and true fulfillment.   Because writing and the use of language can make you see how much you can really discover and use this mode of SELF DISCOVERY as a bridge to  personal growth, fulfillment and personal enrichment.   It is quite the journey to personal empowerment.

Before I continue any further, let me just offer my condolences to you and your family for such a heartbreaking,  and horrific loss.  I know it must be difficult for you to hear the words that every politician who has ran for any office in this great democracy of ours dreads to hear: “DONALD TRUMP LOST THE ELECTION OF 2020 FOR THE PRESIDENCY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.”  The losses you sustained are material: the loss of a free platform broadcast to the world to express yourself.  The loss of free travel to literally anywhere in the country and in the world.

Indeed, this very statement is just as cringeworthy, hidious and onerous  for me to print as it must be for you thing to say, to read, or to ponder.   A man of your esteem.  A man of your principle.   A man of your vision.  A man of your stature probably not in a million years could have possibly even imagined that you sir, would lose an election.   I know, the possiblity, the notion, the idea, the thought is probably far too much for you to bear.

So Mister President.  For you sir will always be MY PRESIDENT.   For you Mr. President, I humbly say: “Take a break from the blog” for now…  Give yourself plenty of time to reflect, reimagine, and recover to try figure out the next course for your life.  After all, life does not end after a term of public service.  No Mister President.   Life is only beginning TODAY❗

And I know you are busy planning all the wonderful things you can do after you had a chance to serve as this country’s chief executive.   Planning the Trump Presidential Library.  Sitting as the chairman of the Trump Foundation.   Contributing to such august think tanks such as the Heritage Foundation or the Federalist Society.   Giving probono speeches to the Junior League, the Jaycees, and the American Association of University Women, and the annual convention of the Rotary Club, or Lions Clubs.  Giving speeches to graduates of the service academies, ot IVY League institutions, such as your highly valued alma mater, Ben Franklin’s own, University of Pennsylvania.

And most importantly Mister President, I know the most important job you want and covet is to spend time more time with your loved ones and your family.  I know you are probably relaxing in your drawing room, with your pipe, your two beautiful labrador retrievers, in your lounge wear, making draft after draft of your memoirs.   You have such a knack for writing sir.  Or maybe you are relaxing by the lake, sipping cognac, reading the epic tales of the glories of the Peloponnesian Wars.  You might be engaging in a bit of Shakespeare as well.  I know you were always fond of the classics Mister Trump.   Don’t lose that passion for the classic literature and arts.  These keep the spirit young.

Don’t give up hope Mister President.   Be assured that the United States is in stable hands with a man like Joe Biden is at the helm in these tenious times in the world’s most stable, strongest ddmocracy.  As the Late Great Ronald Reagan has so eloquently said before, “America still remains the Shining City on the Hill.”  The beacon of hope and optimism the world over.  Now your term of service has been complete.  Now it’s time for quite reflection, and have a new administration take the reigns and continue all the great work that you so magnificently began.