As I am relatively early in my blogging career I am now going to embark on a project that I had planned to undertake for quite some time: What sequence should I binge watch every single episode of a Star Wars movie or episode made for television.  View all Star Wars movies and television specials in a particular order, or film viewing sequence. I do not claim to be a Star Wars “purist” in any way shape or form.  In fact, I have only seen two Star Wars movies in an actual movie theatre, and I saw “Episode IV in a church hall in Martha’s Vineyard in the summer of 1977.  Since I normally do not stream movies I have not seen any other Star Wars movies apart from Episodes 4, 5, and 9.

I have decided to view the Star Wars franchise in “chronological order,” rather than “release date” order.  I have debated in my mind the pros and cons of each way to binge.  To be sure, there are quite a few “viewing order options” in the Star Wars buffet line in the “Feast of the Saga” binge watching party. 

Lidia Molina-White of the suggests that there are a number of recommended sequences for viewing the all the Star Wars movies.  There is the “Godfather Order,” “Machete Order,” “Rinster Order,” “Chronological Order,” and the viewing order that most Star Wars purists recommend, “Release Order.”  I claim to not be a Star Wars purist.

Appearently there are many options to watch the movies in a particular “sequence.”  The most critical detail in the sequence equation is the iconic “Big Reveal” where it is revealed who is the father of Luke Skywalker. I watched the Star Wars saga in “Chronological Order,” which means I am watching the films by numerical “episode order,” (i.e.: One, Two, Three, Four, etc. all the way to the “sequels” which are past episode Nine.) As I just viewed “Episode One,” the reveal was not “revealed” in the movie.  This actually comes later in the series, but the shock loses its “spark” nevertheless.  (I actually did get spoiled after I “Wikipediaed” “Episode One” and got more info on Anokin Skywalker.  So if you are going to start with Episode One, and you are new to the series, don’t “Wikipedia” Star Wars.)

“Godfather Order” is an intriguing title to look at how one looks at viewing the series.  As the title suggests, viewing the movies in Godfather order gives the viewer a chance to see episodes 4 and 5, and save episode 6 until the last episode with a final clash of Luke and his father Darth Vader.  “Machete Order” is symilar to Godfather order, but with Episode One eliminated from viewing.

I’ve decided to view each film in episode order sequence, as I want to “do it my own way.”  In fact, I heard that the episode order sequence is the sequence that George Lucas suggests as well.  Viewing the Star Wars series in episode order will be interesting when I get to episode 4, A New Hope, when there will be steep drop off in special effects technology as episode 4 was released in 1977, and eposide 3, Revenge of the Sith was released in 2005.

I may also view other television specials such as Lego Star Wars, in the sequence of the Star Wars saga.  The Lego series are cartoons that provide “extra” story lines, but may not necessarily be “endorsed” by the Lucasfilm franchise.

I was curious from the get-go why George Lucas decided to begin the Star Wars with episode 4, instead of Episode 1.  But George Lucas seemed to know what he was doing as the general plot/story lines and themes continue throughout the Star Wars series.  And since I have only seen a smattering of Star Wars films in the movie theatre, I will be curious how the story unfolds.  And of course no post regarding Star Wars could be complete without giving the clarion call: MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOUUUUUUUUUU❗❗❗

“How to watch Star Wars movies in order: Chronological timeline and release date order – Radio Times”