So what does former president Donald J. Trump have to look forward to?  After four years of “service” to this country, what is NEXT that he can look firward to doing, or participating in.  First of all, before we get into all the legal and financial details of Trump’s future, which will no doubt be the subject of many more blog posts to come, let us consider where exactly is Trump in terms of American History.  There are other presidents who have lost elections to subsequently ein the presidency.   Donald Trump’s latest nemesis, Joe Biden, ran for president twice before winning the post in 2020.  Before that, Hillary Clinton ran for the Democratic Party’s nomination in 2008 before losing it to Barack Obama, who served in the nation’s top post firvtwo years. Clinton won the Democratic nomination in 2016, only to lose to “The Donald” in electoral votes, even though Clinton recieved three million more votes than Trump did in the 2016 election for president.  Before that, Ronald Reagan lost the Republican nomination for president in 1976, only to recieve the Republican nomination in 1980 and serve two terms as president. There are other examples of candidates that lost during thier first campaigns only to make stunning come back wins for the presidency.  Richard Nixon is another example of a candidate who famously lost the presidential contest of 1960, only to win the presidency in 1968.  These are but a few recent examples of candidates losing the nomination or presidential contests before they eventually won the presidency.   And many extremely well qualified presidential candidates run many times for the office of chief executive and do not win at all.  The fact is that there can only be one president serving at a time, and there are many more losers than winners who take the chance to run in the first place.

But never in American history has a candidate who lost the election for United States president ever never conceded.  Never has a losing candidate ever called for and demanded recounts, audits, and investigations of the election results months after the results were certified and made public.  Never has a losing presidential candidate made loud, vigorous, strident, repeated unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud in an election for United States president, sowing seeds of doubt into the minds of millions of voters who voted for him in the fall of 2020.  In fact, most of the losers of the contest for president have been quite gracious.  Virtually every losing major party candidate at least attends the inauguration of the winning candidate, and is a good sport about it.

Herbert Hoover was famously not a “good sport” about losing the presidential election of 1932.  Hoover lost by seven million popular votes and over four hundred electoral votes in an election that took place in a beginning of a worldwide economic depression that would last some sixteen years after this election.   Many American voters wanted a change to the country’s top public official, as they suffered economic pain during the depression.  But, even though Hoover’s loss was bitter, and there was a famous photograph of both Hoover and FDR in the same automobile heading to the inaugural ceremonies, Hoover did the right thing by attending FDR’s inauguration and let the process of the peaceful transfer of power take place in our nation’s capital. Hoover was not happy, but he was dignified and respectful to Mr. Roosevelt and the nation’s norms as political power transfered from one party to another as it did since our federal system was created some seven score prior to FDR’s inauguration.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, is anything but gracious and respectful. He has said on repeated occations that the voting process in the United States of America is rigged and fraudulent, and the only way the Democratic Party candidate could have won the election is if the Democratic Party somewhow committed fraud and actually switched or “stole” the votes.  Trump himself personally asked. The Georgia Secretary of State to “find 12,000 votes.” Trump was used to instructing employees to perform extra legal or in many cases, illegal actions.  Trump has praised the so-called  “auditing firm,” Cyber Ninjas, to say what a wonderful and necessary job they are doing.  The Cyber Ninjas have never conducted an audit such as this, auditing a presidential election election before. President Trump (I do call him president out of respect for the office. Other former presidents such as Carter, Obama, Clinton the “Two Bushes,” and even Nixon and every other president who occupied the office are customarily referred to as “president” until they die.) has said that he is expecting to return to the presidency sometime in August of 2021, after the “audits” of the 2020 US presidential elections are completed in a number of states including Arizona, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Michigan, all states that coincidentally, Trump lost to the current United States president, Joseph Robinette Biden.

I will speculate in another blog post about why President Trump is not conceding the election, or being gracious and respectful to his opponent, who won the election, Joe Biden. My theory is that while in office, as United States president, Donald Trump enjoyed criminal immunity. This meant that he was protected from criminal indictment, as US presidents are “immune,” or exempt from criminal prosecution while in office. Trump, now a private citizen, and no longer holding the office of president does not have this immunity from prosecution and he desperately wants to become the president again so he does not have to face the consequences of justice. He hopes to get back into the White House by claiming that Joe Biden and the Democrats somehow “took the White House” by cheating and fraud, and Trump is the true winner of the presidential election on 2020. I wish President Trump well on his endeavours to “take back the White House.” All I can say is: “Go at it haus❗”

Donald Trump needs to know that there are winners, and losers in any contest, whether that be in golf, poker, baseball, boxing, and yes, running for public office. The fact is that most people who run for an office wind up losing: we only have one president at a time. Other times people may sit on boards or commissions. But these people need to share the post with other commission members. It is my impression that Donald Trump does not like sharing anything with anybody. The Donald needs to know that he probably did lose the United States presidential election of 2020, and there is a good chance that he may be indicted for financial wrongdoing of tax and withholding of true property valuations to the State of New York, and other jurisdictions. Only time will tell. Good Luck President Trump❗