Former United States President Donald J. Trump is feeling the walls of justice inching closer and closer to him.  He is desperately trying to regain the power that he lost in the the November 2020 election, that he will do or scheme literally any prop or device to make him regain the power that he lost, because TRUMP LOST THE 2020 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION.

One of the benefits of being United States President that Donald Trump coveted so much was the power of being immune to any type of potential prosecution that he may have had.  Trump was impeached twice for various abuses of power, but he was never convicted by a Republican controlled United States Senate.  Even though Democrats picked up two seats in the Senate in 2020, bringing the total number of reliable Democratic votes in the US Senate to a total of 48*, this is still is still not enough votes to convict Trump for any wrongdoing.  A United States President needs two-thirds, or sixty six votes in the United States Senate  to be convicted, or unseated after being impeached in the United States House of Representatives. Trump also had US Attorney General, the head of the US Department  of Justice Bill Barr protect him from wrongdoing, by citing an Office of Legal Counsel opinion that stated that the United States ehief executive (President of the United States ) can not be convicted with any crime while the President is in office.  The rational was that any charge would distract the president from performing his official duties.  This was crucial in the Trump Russian investigation where Trump was not found to be guilty of any wrongdoing. 
(*- Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema are Democrats “in name only,” voting for the Republican minority almost as much as voting for the Democrats.  These two senators are not helping Democratic cause at this point.)

This “nondecision” was quickly spun by Trump as “total and complete exoneration,” when in fact Trump was not found “guilty,” or “not guilty” by the Mueller investigative team.

Similarly, Trump was not convincted on the two impeachment trials that he faced while he was the president.  Despite the mountains of evidence that Donald Trump was guilty of trying to make a foriegn foreign president investigate his political opponent Trump was not covicted by the United States Senate for any wrongdoing.  Similarly, Trump was not covicted in 2021, after the United States House of Representatives charged Mr. Trump with inciting his supporters to charge the United States Capitol building on January 6, 2021 while Congress was certifying the 2020 presidential election results and declaring Joe Biden as the winner of the  presidential election.

Now that Mr. Trump is out of office, he has been acquitted of two impeachment trials.  While no president in American History has been convicted during impeachment hearings, no other president in American History has endured two impeachment trials.  Still, Trump was found not guilty in both trials.  Moreover,  Congress did not bar Trump from either running for public office, or holding public office in the future as well.  Former President Donald Trump, persistant and determined, is once again planning and scheming to assume the office of chief executive in less than a month.

The reason why Mr. Trump wants to regain the office of president of the United States is clear: He wants to regain office to give him the immunity that he so much enjoyed while he was the president.   The first impeachment Trump was caught using his influence (infuence peddling) to pressure the Ukrainian president to investigate Trump’s main political rival, Joe Biden, and his son Hunter.  Trump promised the Ukraine could recieve military aid from the United States to fight against Russia only if the Ukrainian president investigated Joe Biden’s son Hunter, who served on the board of Barisma, a Ukrainian energy company.

In the second impeachment trial Trump accused of “incitement of insurrection” at the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021.  While the Democrats in Congress issued compelling evidence that Trump did in fact incite many people to storm the US Capitol building,  Trump was once again protected by the Republican members of the United States Senate, and did not recieve the sixty six votes to convict him of actually inciting an insurrection.

Now Mr. Trump faces yet another legal dilemma.   Now, Donald Trump has returned to civilian life, and his company, “The Trump Organization” is facing numerous counts of bank, insurance, and state, New York City and federal tax evasion charges. Mr. Trump is hoping, by some miracle, that he will somehow get reinstated as President of the United States, so he can enjoy the same immunity from prosecution that he faced when he served as United States President from 2017 until 2020.

There is a bit of a “good news” “bad news” story here.  The “bad news,” and the Trump family certainly has more bad news tgan good, is that  that Donald Trump has a much better chance he could win the jackpots of the bi-weekly Powerball or Megabucks grand prizes than he could become reinstated as the country’s chief executive.  In other words, there is no “Constitutional” way that Donald Trump will be reinstated as the United States’ Commander In Chief any time before 2025.  In order for Trump to regain the White House he would have to run for president again in the 2024 presidential race and win a majority of votes in the “electoral college,” which right now stands at 270 votes. Trump could even win in the electoral college and lose the “popular vote,” just like he did in the November 2016 presidential election, and get reinstated in the White House. In 2016 Hillary Clinton recieved three million more “popular votes” (votes from individual voters) than Donald Trump recieved.  But Clinton lost in the electoral college, which is counted in “winner take all”  fashion in blocks, state by state, to Trump, who won certain key states in the narrowest of margins, which made in win the presidency.   Again, the bad news for Mr. Trump is that there is no other way for Mr. Trump to regain the presidency that is delineated in the United States Constitution,  which is the “owner’s manual” of how the United States federal government works. 

Donald Trump is facing more bad news on the horizon, to be sure, including a series of law suits covering a wide variety of subjects, and investigations of the Trump Organization’s efforts to evade state, federal, and local taxes, other financial wrongdoings involving the Trump inaugural committee, and Trump’s involvement of the attacks on the US Capitol on January 6, 2020.

With all this “bad news” on the horizon for Mr. Trump, is there any good news for the firmer Commander In Chief of the United States?  If there is any sliver of any hope that the president may have, it is that Trump will not be heading for prison.  Trump, being a former United States president  will not see the walls of any “maximum security” penitentiaries such as Sing Sing, or Leavenworth, or even a medium security prison, such as the one in Butner North Carolina where the late Bernie Madoff was housed in.  There are many reasons, too many to mention here to list to discuss why it is not pheasable to house a former United States President in a traditional prison environment, but it is suffice to say that former Presidents Donald J. Trump will not be heading for prison any time soon.  As for his children,  I would venture to hypothesize that they will not be heading for prison either.

The biggest worry Donald Trump may have right now is the fate of the Trump Organization.  The Trump Organization is the Trump family’s business entity.   The organization owns many residential and commercial buildings, properties, and golf courses.  The Trump Organization is being investigated by United States federal and New York State authorities that the Organization did not report various incomes and property values to evade payment of taxes.  In lieu of prison sentences,  The Trump Organization may have to pay millions of dollars in uncollected taxes and penalties to government authorities.

Donald Trump is now engaged in a scheme where if he can get back to becoming United States president he will not only avoid prison time, which is unlikely, but also avoid having to pay masdive fines and taxes that will most likely bankrupt the Trump Organization,  the Trump Family,  and Donald Trump personally. This scheme will not work, and I advise Mr. Trump to relax, settle down, and start working with the government and private bill collectors to arrange a payment plan where he can make regular, reasonable, affordable, modest monthly payments to chip away at his growing business debts, overdue taxes, and fines for avoiding taxes for so long.

I wish Donald Trump nothing but the best, and hope that Mr. Trump enjoys a quite constructive,  reflective, active retirement.  Donald Trump has worked hard his entire life.  He deserves a well needed break, so he can improve his golf game, and take in a few operas and symphonies, and begin writing his memoirs.   I look forward to reading them when he completes them.  I also know quite a few folks who have taken a RV from coast to coast enjoying the beauty of this spectacular continent, North America.   I do wish Mr. President: “Bon Voyage❗”  In a way I do envy your freedom and chance to explore all the treasures that America has to offer.  Mr. Trump, thank you for your service.  Now it’s time for serious “ME TIME❗