As a beginning blogger I have struggled to give my blog an identity.   I normally write about things in the news.  Items that catch my interest tend to be “national,” or “global” in nature, such as my antipathy of Donald Trump, the raging COVID-19, which has turned into a “COVID-21,” and  environmental, civil rights, and our current democratic crisis.   But I have much more than this to write about, such as sports, psychology, even “sports psychology,”  and cultural ideas and matters, such as books, movies, religion, art, science, theater, literature, music, and “trivia and other stuff.”

I have written in the past that I am not a novelist.  In other words, I have never written a book a fiction (at least not intentionally), nor do I have manuscripts hidden away in any vault or in my flat or self-storage space “waiting to be published.”  It’s not that I have anything against writing works of fiction.  But writing fictional accounts requires an author to have a grand plan, or over arching design of a general plot, and then an idea of characters and a design.  A story that includes more than one character is essential for the general plot, the exploration of relationships, a running dialog, and chatacter growth and development.   Not saying that it can’t be done, and there is no telling if I have one of these stories “in the caverns of my creative mind.”

Moreover, my blog is sort of like the “classic personal blog” of sorts.  This is a blog that covers thoughts of mine throughout the day.  It is a various mix of news, personal opinions, with an assortment of facts, ideas, hopes, dreams, and trivia and such.  So a personal blog could be about anything.

I’ve noticed many bloggers want to stay away from controversial topics such as politics, religion, and sex.  Alternatively,  many of these folks may want to wright about the pleasures of a destressing mineral bath, or give affordable vegan recipes for breakfast lunch or dinner, or settle the age old debate about what viewing order you should binge watch the entire Star Wars saga.  Or maybe the writer wants to give relationship advice, or just write about anything other than politics, religion, or sex (PRS).

I say, if you are reticent in the least to write about the “taboo” subjects of PRS, then maybe you should “dip your toe in the water” slowly, gradually so that you can get a sense of what you reading public can take as far as contoversal topics are concerned.

Finally, I will just encourage everyone to read and write each and every day.  I don’t know if there are scientific studies that show that reading and writing help keep connections in the brain to help ward off dementia or Alzheimers Disease.  So this may even be a subject that I may delve into, for another blog post.  See how easy it is to get ideas?  All you have to do is pick up your phone, or laptop, or keyboard,  and “whalla❗”  you can get ideas to write.  In fact, as I write this I am seeing a press conference with LaTisha James announcing Governor Andrew Cuomo has been indicted on charges that he sexually harassed a number of women on his executive and campaign staff.  So if you ever want to get any sort of a smattering of ideas to write about.  Just turn on the news.  But turn OFF the news at least 45 minutes before you go to bed at night….  You want to get plenty of sleep for the next day, which I am sure you will have plenty of stuff to write about then.