Here’s a suggestion about how you can get ideas for writing. Yesterday I reached the 4️⃣2️⃣ day mark. This reminded me of the great Jackie Robinson who played number 4️⃣2️⃣ for the Brooklyn Dodgers. First Black MLB ballplayer. First ballot Hall of Famer.


I still do not know what to focus on with this blog. With only forty two words, I still only have a few sentences. But each day I add a word. My posts will touch on political, entertainment, health and educational matters.


I appreciated when Twitter expanded the character limit to 280 characters per tweet. This is “Day 41” for this blog, and my posts are approching the “Twitter character limit.” As each day passes I get one more opportunity to express myself.

Day XL

Forty days, forty words. A forty word post is just enough to express one cogent idea. Not enough to expound extensively on it. Each day I add a word. This gives more detail, more context. This is merely the beginning.


The Afghanistan pull-out occurred only 2️⃣5️⃣ days ago. The Afghanistan conflict, along with the Korean War and the War of 1812, are known as “The Forgotten Wars.”  Will America continue to forget the debacles of these wars’ lethal consequences? 


The Cyberninjas released their report on the election determining that there was no fraud and US President Joe Biden won by three hundred sixty more votes in Arizona than first counted in November. Biden’s lead continues to expand.


Lots of talk about the Emmy Awards. I don’t usually watch serials on television such as “The Office,” “The Crown,” or “Ted Lasso.” I’m lucky enough just to write and publish another post for this personal blog.


I missed a day. Do I try to “make up for it,” and write a post for yesterday. I’ll just skip a day, but not the numbering. I’ll continue where I left off the day before.


The New Orleans Saints played with seven coaches out due to positive COVID-19 tests. The Panthers beat the Saints by 19 points. Imagine if the Saints had all coaches on the sidelines. NEW ORLEANS STRONG ❗


The disturbing effort to recall California governor Gavin Newsom failed.  We can breath a big sigh of relief.  But we have to be on guard against toxic calumnies and conspiracies that threaten our democracy.