“Aims of Education” {Day CXLIV}

Most of you will not bother to read this post, as it does not have a captivating or interesing title. So I will spare you my general thesis of the “aims of education,” to generally say that, as a fifty-six year old adult, “I believe I turned out OK.” With that said, I think the goal of any society is to have an educated populus.

But I have not gone the route of many of my peers, namingly getting married, attaining a lucrative job or prestigious career, going to a an elite college, living in a luxurious twenty room mansion in the woods or on the water. I would be joking if these types of abodes didn’t exist… But they do.

So is THIS what our educational system “aims” to do? To produce a “market” for its graduates to “consume lavishly, boldly, and conspicuously?”

Trump’s Debate Demands {Day CXLIII}

If I ever have a day where I have a severe case of writer’s block all I have to do is Google “Trump News” and I have plenty of ideas to write about.  The latest wellspring of news comes from Trump’s demand that there is a “code of conduct” for the debate moderator.  Trump is astonishingly consistent in the art of projection.  What Trump is doing is projecting what is a very good idea.  The Commission on Presidential Debates should have a code of conduct.   But not for the moderators, but for the presidential candidates.  Trump was guilty of continuously interputing Joe Biden, that Biden at times could not get a word in to rebut many of the outrageous claims and lies perpetrated by Trump.

Trump may use the excuse not to run claiming the process was unfair, and he could never win.

Have we realized the MLK “Dream” ❓ {Day CXLII}

I am sad to report in the year of Our Lord 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣1️⃣ that in the United States of America the “dream” that Martin Luther King sang out 57 years ago continues to be just that: “A dream” today.

Black have indeed made many inroads to attaining wealth and a higher standard of living. And Black Americans have made many professional, academic, and economic strides, but more has to be done in order to level the socio economic “playing field.”

Unfortunately, January 17th has become an official “winter bank holiday,” complementing the “February bank holiday,” giving bankers, teachers, and government administrators a chance to return from thier ski desinations on a Monday instead of a Sunday, or a chance to take down the Christmas decorations before Lent begins. Martin Luther King’s legacy will continue, but other cultural activities compete keenly for its attention.

Djokovic exits “The Open” “Down Under” {Day CXLI}

The world’s number one ranked tennis professional will not be able to participate in the Australian Open this year. Additionally, he won’t even be able to secure “courtside” seats for the tournament. Mr. Djokovic will be forced to make other arrangements to leave the island nation, and fly back to Serbia as a panel of judges said that an Australian immigration minister was within his rights to cancel Mr. Djokovic’s visa based on Djokovic’s unvaccinated status as a condition to stay in Australia.

Chief among the many mitigating factors in the decision to deport Mr. Djokovic was that he tested positive for COVID earlier this year and he lied about the fact that he did not travel outside of his quarantine area during the required fourteen day isolation period after he tested positive for the virus that has overtaken the world.

Oath Keepers Charged {Day CXL}

Yale Law School graduate, former paratrooper, and far right wing militia group The Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes was arrested and charged with seditious conspiracy during the January 6th, 2021 riots in the United States Capital as the United States Congress was busy certifying that Joseph Robinette Biden was the winner of the 2020 election for president of the United States.

Mr. Rhodes along with ten other conspirators led a group of armed men who stormed the US Capitol Building breaking into the Capitol Rotunda shouting phrases such as “hang Mike Pence,” and “kill Nancy Pelosi.” While other people in the Capitol took part in the “Storming of the Capitol,” the Oath Keepers were at the “tip of the spear” as they were the first group to break into the Capitol building, and led the charge into the legislative building.

Non Vacinated Priviledge {Day CXXXVIX}

Top rated tennis player Novak Djokovic has been taken criticized not being vaccinated and recently testing postive for COVID-19.  The Serbian tennis star was forced to quarantine for four days in an Australian hotel before he was released and was allowed to practice for the Australian Open, a major tennis championship that will take place starting January 17th. The nine time Australian Open tennis champion has strong views opposing vacinations.

Mr. Djokovic has been the number one rated tennis player for several years. He is the rough equivalent of a “Tiger Woods,” or a “Michael Jordan” in the tennis world. But many residents of the island nation of Australia are angry that he can skirt vacation requirements becuase he is a top rated tennis player. Australia has had some of the most stringent travel restrictions in the COVID-19 era.

A “non political post” {Day CXXXVIII}

I’ve written about Trump for some time, so it is easy to get the gyst of what I think of the former United States President. While no one has commented on my posts, I don’t expect many readers to weigh in on how much political opinion I should write in my blog posts. I was a politics and history major at my al mater Curry College, and I am interested in history as a subject to read and write about. But there are other subjects I am intrested in commenting about as well.

I am especially interested in the educational system in the United States, and throughout the world. I am also interested in the religion and science, and the dichotomy of the two “belief systems.” The longer my posts become the more in depth I can delve.

Another Trump Post {Day CXXXVII}

I will not apologize for strongly rebuking former president Trump for so many things. First, I’m going to get “The Donald” very angry when I say that the 2020 United States election for the President of the United States was fair and there was no evidence of fraud, cheating, or malfeasance of any sort. (I urge Trump, if you’re reading this post, which I am sure you are, to look up the word “malfeasance,” as I am sure you have no idea of the definition of the word malfeasance.) I reiterate, there is no evidence that the Democrats “stole” the election. And I will add that there is no evidence of any scintilla of cheating by the Democrats, Republicans, or third parties what so ever.

Go ahead Little Donny. Tell me I’m a woke, crazy, weak failure.

Trump’s “Web of Lies.” {Day CXXXVI}

Nothing infuriates the Donald more than people criticizing him for anything. By many accounts Trump was furious and “fuming” when he heard President Joe Biden read of a bill of particulars that squarely implicated Donald Trump as the person responsible for the the January sixth 2021 riots in the United States’ Capitol building the same day that the United States Congress was certifying the election victory to Joseph Biden to be the forty-sixth president of the United States of America. Biden said that Trump “has a bruised ego and can not except the fact that he lost the election.”

Trump said in response to Biden’s remarks that “Biden used my name to try to further divide America.” Trump continued “Biden has completely and totally failed.” Trump repeated false and unverified claims that the election was rigged.

Jan 6th Anniversary {Day CXXXV}

“A day that will live in infamy…”

Well, Donald Trump does not think that’s so… Trump is in a whole lotta trouble. He originally planned to have a “press conference” on this day to continue an “alternative narrative” to the narrative that has been documented by video and audio evidence of a rally that spun out of control. A rally that started out ostensibly as a “peaceful” protest devolved into a deadly scrum, killing at least two protesters and one Capitol police at the time, and a few other officers later as a result of suicides.

Trump does not want to talk about what happened when the US Capitol protests turned violent. He wants to rehash the “fraud” that supposedly occurred on Nov 3rd that was never proven. All of Trump’s election lawsuits have failed.