My Observations So Far

As I continue my “blog” I have noticed a few things.  I am being exposed to many other blogs by having WordPress notify me when other readers have “liked” my posts, or are following me.  I appreciate this, as these notifications introduce me to other blogs, and I can read what other people are writing.  My posts are somewhat unique, as I am using this blog platform as a “conversation” of sorts.  Just putting my thoughts on “virtual paper,” and commenting about my blogging journey.  I have noticed certain trends with the posts that are comming up in my “in-box.”

The first type of blog post I have ersnoticed is the “course offering.”  This type of post is a course that you pay for to “maximize” your blogging experience.   Maybe you want to attract five hundred new readers per week.  This amounts to 26,000 new readers per year; 260,000 new readers per decade.  And if you are an industrious blogger then you can also offer a course to gain readers and followers, that you can also offer a paid course as well, offering advice to “momentize” your blog.  Of course, this type of scheme works when other folks pay for the course you offer, and then offer the same course to others who also pay for the course, or workshop, or “virtual conference” all designed to get other bloggers to pay, and it becomes a virtual “endless circle.”  The course promises you will obtain many “followers,” “likes,” or “readers,” and gives you tips on “expanding your influence,” and other coveted things in the blogosphere, or at least in the “WordPress stellar system.”

As a “beginning blogger,” I am not aiming to becoming a “top internet influencer” just yet.  My aim is to improve my writing skills, and to present my ideas to a larger community.  A community that actually reads my posts, rather than acquiring many so-called “friends” or “readers,” without actually having people read my blog.  As far as “monetizing” on my writing handiwork, I’m all for that.  But I also want to improve the craft of writing as well.  I want to improve the way I communicate, and then maybe, possibly, I could expect some type of financial benefit down the road a bit.  Maybe, maybe not.   But I know there are no shortcuts in this world.  And I am happy to “take the long way home” as the seventies rock group Supertramp would say, instead of the “rocket” that Elton John sings about in “Rocket Man.”

The other types of blogs I have noticed are blogs that promote books, movies, records, and other media, and short, snappy “art blogs.”  These blogs contain poetry, prose, or a combination of the two.  These art blogs may contian a photo or image in the post, which puts a more finer point on the flavor of the post. I have always been a more factual, “down to earth” writer.  Calling my type of writing “prose” may be “gilding the lilly” a bit too much…  Oh OK, I guess ya only live once. Call my stuff “prose” if you insist.  I have understood that prose is “any writing other than poetry.”  So I guess anything that you find in the newspaper, or encyclopedia, or in a textbook would disregard as prose too, right?  Prose would also include any interoffice memoranda regarding the dress policy of the office, or the details of the next holiday party. Prose could also include the text of any legal decision, the text of a house or senate bill, insurance policy, or work of fiction such as science fiction book or romance novel, or even a screenplay for a pornographic film. Even reports such as the Mueller Report and the Report of the Warren Commission could also be regarded as “prose.” I dare say that technical writing, such as material data safety sheets, while have some eliments of peotic language, in truth, is more like prose. Prose could also include instructions to assemble a go-cart, or ransom note, or even this very blog post. I think I need to “research” what this “prose” business is all about.

The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language defines prose as “ordinary speech or writing, as opposed to verse.” So I hope you enjoy my writings in prose. I am certainly trying to master the art.

On Blogging

So I am going to start this process called blogging. But why? What makes my blog stand out amoung the millions of blogs that are out there in the “blogosphere” today. There are literally millions of bloggers that are “picking up there pens,” or rather “putting down their pens and picking up their smartphones, or typing on their lap tops,” and just blogging away. So first, let me make a few “introductory remarks.”

I graduated from college in 1988, with a bachelor’s degree majoring in political and historical studies. My intention was to be a history major, but the school, Curry College combined the departments of “politics” and “history” into one department. So rather than majoring in strictly “American History,” I had taken a few political science courses as well. I have always contended that politics is more of an art than a science. Sciences like chemistry, physics and biology are disciplines where you can conduct experiments and make hypotheses about the nature of things. The “political realm” is just too fraught with “the human element” to be described as a science. I always considered “politics,” and “history” as “humanities,” rather than a “science.” Even the term “social science” is a stretch, but can be applied in this case. The one thing, amoung other things that I got out of my college experience was the practice of writing. I think I wrote more in my college days at Curry than any other time in my life. Whether I wrote about the limits or possibilities of the Earth’s resources, or the causes of revolutions or wars, or the pains and pleasures of capitalism and communism, writing was a tool that I used to communicate my ideas. And I had a notion that if I failed in other endeavours, I at least could go back to writing “as a fall back” to make some type of living, however meager livings that writers make.

So I am using this medium of a blog to write. Writing my ideas will clarify them, and put them on paper. Or in this case “a screen.” My ideas will be for all the world to see. At least for anyone who has a WordPress account. At least those who have a WordPress account who get a referral to my blog. And then those who have a WordPress account, get a referral to my blog, and click on this blog post to see this entry… Whuooo❗❗❗ Wow❗❗ WordPress must be referring MILLIONS of you unsuspecting readers who have absolutely nothing better to do with your precious time than to read something by me. And I thank you kindly for taking the time to read my blog post.

So I’m doing an “old fashioned blog” the “old fashioned way.” I’m writing a “world-wide web log.” Each entry into the log will be another entry by ME, not by a BOT. (But aren’t we all bots in the universe of sentient beings in traversing the universe ❓) I will insert an occasional picture here or there. But my main aim is to practice my writing and communicate my ideas. Lord knows I am no novelist. That would require actually conguring up chartacters, and weaving a plot together. I am here to practice my writing and put my ideas not on paper, but in cyberspace. And after this is put “on the web ” maybe I’ll put it “on paper” as well. After all, paper lasts a lot longer than data on silicon chips… I think.

Teaching and Counseling

Getting to the heart of the matter:  I have a masters degree in education, and a masters in counseling psychology.    But I am not “using” my degrees.  Is there something wrong with this?  I am delivering food for Grubhub.   And I couldn’t be happier.   (Well, not true.  If I won the Powerball, that would change my life.  And I do have a plan for that, in the unlikely event that winning a jackpot of circa 100 million dollars does happen.  Stay tuned for that post.)

So yes, I could be happier do something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.  And the punch line of this joke is that “I WOULD CHANGE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.”  If I won the Powerball, I would not be delivering food for Grubhub any more.  No, that would not happen.  But I’d still be writing blog posts.  I just wouldn’t need to work for a living, so I would not be paid to blog.  [Who am I kidding. I don’t get paid for blogging right now.  In fact, I am actually paying to blog. So even though I still would be paying to blog, at least I won’t go hungry. ]

So I will continue to come back to the theme of doing something completely different than what I was trained to do, which was teach in a school, or perform counseling.  Yes I have two masters degrees.  And as the old phrase goes “you can’t take these degrees away from me.”  But there’s more to the story than this.  And this is what I want to explore in my blog.  I will tell the story of how and why I wanted to get into the fields of education and psychology in the first place, and what I encountered when I started to teach. And how I changed my mind after staying in the helping professions for some time.

Then I will delve deeper into the meaning, “what I was trained to do.” This is because, I don’t know any amount of training or preparation that could have prepared me to be successful in the field of education. I mean I could have recieved the “proper” education for the field of teaching. But I did not. I will examine what “the proper preparation” entails, and see if I recieved this education.

Did the “system” fail me? Or did I fail to “crack the code” of becoming an adequate teacher or counselor? Was it a “failing of the system” or a “failing of the consumer of the education,” namingly me? This is what I will examine in this blog. I will discuss the goals of education, and the aims of society and the “western civilization.” I will ask how does the study of the classics give someone the preparation for teaching school aged children. Or are we using the wrong assumptions that “a well rounded citizen” can teach large groups of children, or necessarily connect with troubled children and adults.

I realize this is quite a hefty topic for a blog, so I will devide the topics into smaller “sub topics” to delve into more depth, and not try to tackle all topics in just a few blog posts. This is because I want to discuss this in the “larger context,” of my life. I want to ask “how did my life prepare me for the fields of teaching and psychology. Did my life prepare me for these fields, or did my life not give me adequate preparation for these fields?

This is what I am going examine in my blog posts, and I am eagerly anticipating your feedback. I have an interesting story to tell.

Why Do I Blog (Continued)❓

So.what is the main impetus for blogging. Blogs have been around since the 1990s. It sort of appears “old fashioned,” sort of “quaint” to all.of the sudden, “strike up a blog” right now. Today podcasts are “all the rage.” Everyone seems to have a podcast now. And now there are You Tube channels wherd people broadcast or stream all types of material. There are different video platforms, not to mention Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumbler, Krisper, Tinder, Blender, Fender, Tik Tok, Whats App, Instagram, Pinterest, My Space, Your 💲pace, and In Your 😫ace… It is down right impossible to keep up with all the platforms, “chat forms,” and broadcast mediums to choose to stream out a message.

And there are undoubtbly more mediums that I left out, or that are on the way, that I even care to Google. I like WordPress because I can literally write about anything. I mean ANYTHING…Well, pornography and violence, or demeaning or offensive content not with standing. People get sooo offended these days. I will tell you something that will most definitely get me kicked off of WordPress: “I ❤ TRUMP❗” And if that doesn’t get me kicked off of WordPress, I have something to say that will most definitely get me kicked off of WordPress even faster than that: “I HATE TRUMP.”

Folks are so sensitive these days. I could say one thing, and then I could say the exact opposite of what I just asserted, and “whalla ❗” I get the entire crowd pissed-off at me. Everybody hates me, I get kicked off of a bunch of platforms, and then I wind up just “fending for myself.” Which reminds of a certain celebrity with a certain amount of notoriety…

I have sooo much to say, that I forgot why I started this post to begin with. Well, all I have to say is “I’ve always wanted to be a writer.” Now is my chance. So, I’ll just stick with the “old fashioned method” for now… But not too “old fashioned…” That would require putting a pen to paper. I’ll stick to putting a finger on my phone for now….

And if I say one thing or another about a certain living X-president, Ill be sure to “have all my ducks in a row” before I go out and start to criticize him “big league.”

Why do I blog❓

I started to blog because I’ve always wanted to be a writer. Now, before you ask how my “Great American Novel” is going, I’m to suggest that I’m not exactly a novelist. That being said, maybe I should start writing that novel, to use a “muscle” that I have not used before. This would involve “telling a story.” And I certainly have many “stories to tell.” So I will write possibly “short stories,” unpublished on my lap top. I’ll consider my lap top the “research and development” part of my writing workshop.

I have considered my concept of what is in my blog would be the standard political opinion that one might find in a bi-weekly newspaper column. I always thought it would be cool to write political opinion pieces even for a local paper. I have written letters to the editor of my local papers on various issues of the day. But the volume of my work has not been prolific, but I would write a letter from time to time. Of course, when growing up my efforts were more focused on completing the work from school, which in most cases had little or nothing to do with politics or current events.

So I do have some political opinion pieces in my previous blog attempt. This time I want to branch out far more than the political content that so many folks are keen to write. So I want to make this blog a little more personal. I want to tell stories of my youth, and ideas that I am inspired with. I certainly have plenty of ideas. On a slow day I literally have at least half a dozen ideas of topics I can write about. On more “active days” I could just write continuously without a break.

But, I think I will break here, as even I need a break. If I feel like I need a break, I can only imagine that my readers need a break as well. It is important to keep your readers in mind, and not just “yammer away,” with no regard of how a person would feel reading a post that may go on and on with no end in sight.

In conclusion, I write because I feel like I have a lot to say. I may not have a great many “flights of fancy,” but I do have ideas. And I wish to share these ideas with others so they can read about an “American Story” that is still evolving and developing in real time. But as a fifty five year old, I have a lot of “miles on the odometer.” So there are plenty of real life experiences that I can draw on to provide entertainment, education, and wisdom that I can impart to readers of all walks of life that they could possibly relate to.

My One Loyal Reader

I am starting to change things on my site to get noticed. On the ther hand… No please don’t come on my site. Let me keep this the greatest secret in the blogosphere.

I noticed that my posts 5️⃣4️⃣ views. Could it be that there is only 1️⃣ person who is looking at these posts❓ And could this person be me❓ Yes, this person could be me❗

Now, I’ve never thought of myself zs someone who might have the temerity to put his hand on the scale of his WordPress statistics. But at least I’m supporting my own blog, by reading the posts from time to time. If I could only get other folks to tead my posts as well. Then maybe I could at least think that I have something of an influence in the WordPress Galaxy. Right now, I’ll just be satisfied that my blog posts are positively effecting at least one person: Moi❗

Star Wars Day

Welcome to my blog. My name is Peter. Comment if you are moved to. Look forward to sharing more of my THOUGHTS, FEELINGS, and ACTIVITIES with y’all.

Happy “Star Wars Day.”

Who woulda thunk that Tuesday, May 4th was “Star Wars Day?” Didn’t even know such a day existed. Should we now “binge-out,” and watch all eleven Star Wars films in their entirety today? I’m still debating whether to view the films in “episode order,” or “date of production?” There are pros and cons to each. But I don’t think you need to watch episode 2️⃣ before viewing episode 6️⃣ to know what the “back story” is for the characters in 6️⃣. In fact, watching the episodes in “episode order” may confuse you all the more. But going back and forth in production time would emphasize how special effects changed over time, keeping in mind the production date of each film. As I have not seen all the Star Wars movies, I might just view the trailers of the Star Wars movies, in episodic numerical order. Sort of a “cliff notes” version of how to take a look at these films.

I never was a “true devotee” of the Star Wars films like many of my friends are. I find it implausible to think that any being can just hop on a craft and traverse the universe, going from one ☆ to another ☆, in a quicker time span than it takes Manhattanites to go from Columbia University to Battery Park on the Subway. But that’s what they say, is Hollywood. I just think the distances between stars are just to big to have anyone survive even .01% of the one way trip


Now I’m viewing Episode One: The Phantom Menace. I can see how the Star Wars purists don’t take to this episode. The “Peacekeepers” are accompanied by what appears to be a talking donkey/man, whose name is “Jar Jar.” Jar Jar is this sort of “general” who accompanies the peacekeeper humans in a mission to resolve trade issues with an adversary in the galaxy. It is really a prectext to see the fighting and special effects. Very strange and amusing.

But this is “Episode One,” which was released 22 after “A New Hope” was released. But it may give some context of how Luke Skywalker matures as a character later in the Star Wars saga.

And MAY THE 4️⃣th 🐝 with U❗❗❗❗❗❗

Next “Blog Post”

I am one who is “easily confused.” What’s the difference between a “blog post”and a “story post?” Well, I do not want to be “spoiled.” So I gather I will find out “in due time.”

I said I was going to refrain from making this a political forum, or at least refrain from bashing Trump, 24/7. So I will only bash the mob boss wannabe 12/6. Even I need to sleep every now and then. I am struck by how much hate is in the man’s ❤. He wants to lock up all his political opponents. And everyone who does not kiss the man’s boots is labeled a RINO or radical leftist. That’s no way for an elected official to act.

No that I got that off my chest, I can write about other matters that concern me. But I will issue a disclamer that this blog will not be totally free of political content, although I will broaden the type of things I write about, if nothing more than to prove to me that there is more to life than what’s happing in the beltway or within five miles of the Capitol Dome.

If ya like what I have to write, drop me a line in the comments. Donations are accepted, appreciated, but not required nor are they expected…. At this point, all I’m looking for is ONE READER besides myself: a tall order to be sure.

Day 2️⃣ With Blog Endeavor.

My First Selfie

Today I continue to write in my blog. I am so new at this. But I will not give up my quest to continue to blog. Maybe daily…. Possibly two, or even three times a day. I will start out with modest goals, such as adding photos. Imagine if I had image content… Then my blog posts would be AMAZING ❗❗❗❗ (But I don’t want to get carried away right now. So it’s ONE STEP AT A TIME WITH THIS.)

Introduction To My Next Blog Endeavor

Hi folks. It’s me, Peter. Let me extend my Easter wishes to all in the “Orthodox Christian Community,” as they celebrate the life of our savior Jesus Christ, who has certainly made his mark on the world since his untimely passing, some 2100 years ago.

I am continuing my effort to “blog” on a consistent basis. I hope this will improve my writing skills, and give you a glimpse of my thoughts and feelings that I have. In the passed I have used Facebook as a “cheap way to blog.” WordPress offers blogging software for free, which I am using now, and will not keep this a secret as I did my other blog, which was political in focus. This current blogging venture, while may have political content to be sure, will also focus on myself, as far as my life is concerned, and may give glimpses into my personality, and other things in my life. It may also emphasize my curiosity, such as the question of the difference between the “Orthodox” faith, and the “Unorthodox” traditions of the Protestants and Catholics.

I will divulge more about my thoughts and feelings about a number of things, such as the lines of work that I pursued throughout my career, and my thoughts about the purpose and aims of eduction, and my political leanings. I will also look at the issues, such as the breakdown of general civility, and ask why are people so mean and cruel to each other today in America, and also throughout the world.

One thing that I will aim to do is to provide a direction for my blog. I do not want to hop from one subject to the next, which has been my tendency in previous writings. Rather, I want to engage in a topic, and then maybe revisit the topic later, or go into more depth in the pros and cons of a particular issue. I will also look at my life in “retrospective,” and see what went right, what went wrong, and then get a glimpse of the “wholeness” of it all.”

I want to thank you for reading this far. I will one day ask for donations to keep this blog afloat. However, I’m so “new” at this sort of thing, I don’t even know how to accept payments at this time. And God forbid, if I ask you to send cash or checks in the mail. Actually, that might not be a bad idea. Just send cash or checks in the mail, and make them out to “Peter Romersa.” I’ll give you the address later. Till then, have an excellent Easter if you are in the “Orthodox” tradition of Christendom. And if you are an “Unorthodox Christian” bloke like me, by all mean “Happy Easter” to you as well.


The address to send your donations is:

Peter Romersa

50 Glenbrook Rd, Apt. 15- G

Stamford, CT 06902

Donations are accepted and much appreciated, but not expected or required.

Thank you kindly for reading this far. I will “see you soon.” for my next post.