Reading and Writing {Day CXIX }

What are the goals of education❓  What are the goals of our society in terms of education and culture ❓  This is one of the questions that I was pondering when I started this blogging project.  Other questions I had include what are society’s goals in terms of economics, politics, law, science, religion, entertainment, literature, medicine and culture.  What is the role and purpose of culture ❓ These questions and others will be addressed as the blog post lengths expand.

One of the “goals of education” is to teach “reading and writing.” One can say: “I read, therefore, I write.” It it is a variant of the aphorism “I think, therefore, I am.”

My goal is to keep writing every day.

Trump’s Delusions {DAY CXVIII}

Lots of ink is being spilled about Trump’s criminality on multiple levels. I could write a book about Trump… But wait. So many other folks written about Trump, I don’t want to be “another anti-Trump book,” piling up in a mountain of anti-Trump books.

My biggest “beef” with the former president is that he lies every time he opens his mouth. So instead of giving a litany of Trump’s lies, I will just maybe give one example of Trump’s deceptive behavior.

According to Mary Trump, the former president’s niece, Donald Trump had another student take the SAT for Trump. Today students need some form of identification to sit for the test. In Trump’s time there was no requirement.

Mark Meadows {Day CXVII}

The United States Congress found Mark Meadows, the former United States President’s chief of staff, in criminal contempt of Congress by refusing to comply with a subpoena and testify in front of a congressional committee regarding what he knows about the events of January 6, 2021.

As Trump’s chief of staff, Meadows would be in a position to know many things about President Trump’s state of mind while the January 6th storming of the United States’ Capital was taking place.

Meadows submitted over six thousand pages of testimony to the January 6th committee and published a book recalling the events of the January 6th storming of the United States Capitol and his communications to Trump that day.

Omicron Risin’ {Day CXVI}

While the newly penned virus variant, “Omicron” continues to be discovered in least half of the states in the United States, concerns are raised about virulence of the Delta variant, which has been ubiquitous around the world in 2021. So far all indications are that Omicron is not as debilitating as Delta, but more data needs to come in before definite statements or descriptions can be made.

The Delta variant continues to be the “main variant” in the United States. The Delta variant can produce the most severe symptoms such as fever, chills and even⁰ death. I am fully vaccinated including receiving a booster shot, and I have not gotten sick, nor have I experienced symptoms.

Devistating Twisters  {CXV}

It is Day 1️⃣1️⃣5️⃣ for my blog.  But for many residents of Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, Arkansas, and Illinois this is DAY 0️⃣0️⃣1️⃣.  A day that will live in infamy… What “God of Mercy and Tenderness” could lash out such a wrath?  A path of destruction so wide, so long?

COVID-19 is the slow, long burn.  The destructive tornadoes that hit yesterday had more destructive force than a nuclear bomb… Without the radioactive fallout.  Both COVID and these tornadoes create “The perfect storm.”

Many US residents lost their homes, or all their belongings to these violent tornadoes. Entire towns got leveled. We can only thank a higher power that we are here today living another day.

Robert Joseph Dole {Day CXIV}

Former US Senator, US Army Second Lieutenant, United States Presidential and Vice Presidential candidate, father, and friend Robert Joseph Dole was laid to rest today, after a lifetime of service of 98 years.

Mr. Dole was a man of service, from a generation that is rare in the current generations of “leaders” that occupy positions of trust today.

Many friends, colleagues, and family members spoke of Mr. Dole’s compassion, leadership, and service. President Biden spoke of Mr. Dole’s ability to compromise and help millions of Americans funding programs such as the Veterans Administration, American Disabilty Act, and Medicaid expansion.

Dole’s daughter Robin Dole, gave a heartwarming tribute, saying Bob Dole “will never walk alone.”

Planning Ahead  {CXIII}

On of thing things that helps me get on track is writing blog posts ahead of time.  This keeps me “on track.” I can have a weeks worth of blog posts “at the ready” in the unlikely event that I “run out” of things to write.

If a news story hits that may be so big that it overshadows a prewritten blog post, then I will comment on the new news story. I can always save my “premade” posts for later, when the news cycle ends or slows down.

This blog is more than just the news.  I offer “personal” anacdotes, rememberances, thoughts, feelings, decisions, and behaviors of my life of fifty-six years.

Why write? {CXII}

Or I should ask: why do I write? Why write a blog at all? Why do I do such a thing?

I ask myself that question. I don’t have any real profound answer to this… or maybe I do… You see, I consider myself “an educated citizen.” And to this end, I have “recieved an education” of sorts. But many have told me “I am wasting my education.” I am not working in the field that I was educated. I am not “monetizing” my education. I am doing something completely different than I was “trained” to do. It is a subject that I will most certainly touch on later.

To be continued….

Now, it’s “personal.” {CXI}

I’m wondering when to start the “personal” aspect of my posts.  In other words, when should I start “my story”?  When should I begin to give my opinion about the word “education”?  When should I tell my readers about about myself, how I got here, and what do I plan to do in the future?

If this blog was truly going to be a “personal blog,” than how do I tell my readers the narrative of my life?  Everyone has “a story” to tell.  Everyone has been on a personal journey.  Everyone has made “life decisions,” and I am no different.  I still have a blog.  One day at a time.

Abortion Debate {CX}

The United States Supreme Court just heard a case that may wind up overturning Row Versus Wade.

I usually start most of these posts with a disclaimer warning the reader that what follows is “political content,” and readers should “read the up comming post at thier own risk.” I prepare readers that what proceeds from here may offend or disturb them. Readers should brace themselves for a response that may be hard to understand or agree with. Please be prepared if you disagree with this statement.

“I agree with the established precedent of United States Supreme Court precedent of Row verses Wade, and I hope that it is not overturned.”