News items are continuously being created; or news is just continuous. The name of this blog is “News Daily,” but I have really not been reporting news items lately. Should I change the title of this blog to “My Blog?” Yeah, that would be an original title, wouldn’t it? It’s like naming a pet dalmatian “Spot.” “My Blog” doesn’t really “do anything” for me. “News Daily” doesn’t either, if “news” isn’t getting covered.


I don’t wan’t to make this blog a “pure American political blog,” or a blog solely focused on American politics. There are readers from every corner of the globe. What does a bloke in Madagascar care about the election of the president of the United States, or a race for governor in the state of Virginia❓ That being said, I was born, raised, and still live in the United States of America.


This is a blog of “many things.” Essentially it is a “personal blog” in the truest sense. I don’t give “advice.” But there may be things you can gleen just by reading it. I’m not “selling,” or “promoting” anything (except this blog, which is absolutely free, and has no membership or annual fees, “pay portals,” or passwords.) I hope you enjoy my “musings,” even if I have no point to make.


The iconic Broadway musical “The Phantom of the Opera” has played on Broadway for 3️⃣3️⃣ years, and has had 1️⃣3️⃣,3️⃣7️⃣0️⃣ performances. “Phantom” started on Broadway in 1️⃣9️⃣8️⃣8️⃣, ten years before the first blog was created in 1️⃣9️⃣9️⃣8️⃣. The blog you are currently reading started just 7️⃣0️⃣ days ago. If I published a blog post every day it would take 1️⃣3️⃣,3️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ days to reach the point where the Phantom is today.


“Day 6️⃣9️⃣.”…  OK, OK, don’t get all excited, it’s just a number.  If you have any kids asking about the significance of the number 6️⃣9️⃣, just say it’s regarding “yin/yang,” or something like that.   I don’t even know what this “yin/yang” stuff is all about.

One of my biggest challenges of this blog right now is that the structure of this blog prevents me from giving too much detail.


My only regret is that I wish I had started to “blog” earlier in my life.  As I am only at “Day 6️⃣6️⃣,” I am adding one word to every blog post that I write, and I write a post each day.  Eventually, as the “laws of physics” will dictate, I will “transition” my blogging pursuits from a part time basis to a full time endeavor.


I want to thank all those who read and like my blog posts. I can not list all of you by name just now, as I may miss a few names. Rest assured, I will list all of you in a few months when I write blog posts of over a hundred words. Only on day 6️⃣5️⃣, so conservation of words is of paramount importance.


This experimental blog is not sufficient to comment on all the news that is going on in the United States. But in a few months my blog posts will be long enough to comment fully and sufficiently on the events of the day. Till then, I will comment “Twitter Style,” making my posts short, clear, and crisp. In closing, Trump is in big 💩.

🇺🇸 Colin Powell ☆☆☆☆ 🇺🇸

Prayers and thoughts to the Powell family with the loss of the former National Security Advisor, Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff, first Black United States Secretary of State, Four Star General, Recipient of the Presidential Award of Freedom TWICE, Harlem born, South Bronx bred, City College of New York alum, ROTC trained, geology major, Colin Luther Powell has met the Lord. We will miss a great American, and a proud member of the “Moderate Generation.” Son of Jamaican immigrants, spoke Yiddish. God Bless the Powells. God Bless America.


I’m not going to give you any personal “advice.” Ya see, the blog that you are reading is a “personal blog,” not a “personal advice column.” But I have no compunction of giving advice to me, without fear or reservation. I could give advice to myself; if I was smart enough to take it. My advice to myself would be… {Sorry, times up}.